• 8Feb

    Tracking orders on an Ecommerce site through Google Analytics

    Posted on February 8, 2013 by Jordan4 Comment(s)

    Now this is probably one of the most underrated features of Google Analytics and that is keeping track of orders on an Ecommerce website. Now if you are working for an SEO company it is very effective to use when reporting to clients and it can justify the amount of successful conversions which has come from search engine related traffic. Now this is a great feature to show your clients as you can basically tell them what orders with what keywords and where the order is from all down to the last detail. more

  • 15Jan

    SEO best practices that everyone should follow in year 2013

    Posted on January 15, 2013 by Barrie Livingston3 Comment(s)

    The future is unpredictable, if the webmasters and SEO practitioners had known the drastic changes that were coming, like the revolutionary Panda and Penguin updates; they would’ve taken measures way before getting thrown off the SERP grid. There are two sides to this, there are webmasters who say that they had no option but to continue with traditional methods due to the nature of the competition and there are some who say at the same time they were unable to promote their websites by genuine means. This debate is one reason why the updates were subjected to much controversy in the SEO world. That’s one reason why the current search engines are secretive about their new updates. They simply want to motivate the webmasters towards a quality vision of the internet. more

  • 13Dec

    Understanding SEO

    Posted by Juliet12 Comment(s)

    Over the years, the internet has been proven to become more and more needed in the industry. Not only in the field science and research, but also in business. Because of this, in order to surpass competitors, a lot of businesses nowadays greatly utilize the internet in managing their transactions and in marketing the company itself. These days however, having a website alone is not enough. Your website should also contain relevant information in order for it to have a high ranking. This is where SEO write-ups come in. Through these write-ups, a website will have a higher chance of gaining a better rank in various search engines like Google, Bing, Babylon, Yahoo, and many more. more